Move should take note of folk taboo

Moved should note of folk Hi bogey: 
1. moved day as said some auspicious words . 
2. moved day family not sniveling of, not mess temper, not playing scolded children . 
3. moved Shi not and others greeted . 
4. moved day not NAP, also not in new House NAP, or future easy sick . 
5. moved day night, bed Qian, Should first lay down five minutes around, immediately up again work about, said "sleep has also to again up" (usually child sleep new bed versa, first lying about, will its up, not directly sleep, said "lay down also to again up"), or future easy sick . 
6. moved day, should be in new House Cook some water and the will fan home in the Quartet blow dial, to "wind" . 
7. day night should be Cook some sweet dumplings, dessert, family total food, Said a reunion, sweet sweet of meaning . 
8. moved Shi to prevent moving to "tire God". home in the women has pregnant Shi, as don't moved . 
If non-moved not Shi, to let has pregnant of women first left JIU Zhai site, and in JIU Zhai each move a real, first with "new broom" sweep a sweep, so can avoid moving to "tire God". ("Almanac" are has records daily "tire God" by accounted for of location, can see "tire God daily by accounted for wandering foregone conclusion") four, conclusion for should kick, different moving, increasingly frequently of modern business social, people migration (moved) of needed, finishing "migration (moved) into House choosing an auspicious day" of related information, hope on prepared migration who has help, are can bixiongquji, family peace.
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