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Packaging supplies: 
boxes, plastic bags, tape, labels, or pen, small Toolbox: such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc, when used.   /> Pack order before starting the package, you can show me a list when packing grass table. List of "first, back-loaded," the basic order, here are some you use often and want to reach and objects, it is recommended that you packaged or packaged in the box top: 
1: tow line and battery: in this day and age, everything seems to be concerned with. Computer, CD player, Walkman. Life seems to be able to leave on small things, to justify the extended lines and batteries mounted on the top for convenient access.  
2. Tools: hammers, screwdrivers, nails, screws, Scotch tape, tape in particular. In handling process if you are using, and then opened it miserably.  
3. screwdriver and cups: people seem to be particularly vulnerable to thirsty, tired of loading and unloading goods will want a drink.  
4. address book: book handy to be sure that the important phone number.  
5. phone or outlet phone: put in a readily available place, because there are always emergencies they may.  
6. enough cash: when we move may be used.  
7. leases, copy of ID card or driving licence.  
8. cleaning equipment, especially tissue: accidents do sometimes happen.  
9. torch or a lamp: when you finally to a new home, perhaps it was already dark.  
10. utility knife: mount it inside the box but it is the first tool you need to open the box.  
11. pillows, bedding and towels: to a new home may not have time to unpack the bed.  
12. drugs and cosmetics (SOAP, toilet paper, shampoo)  
13. emergency medicine  
recommends packing: 
1. put all the boxes are labeled. Fragile labels "fragile items"  
2. loading the weights. Separated from that weight, so that each box is not too heavy, such as books.  
3. clothes on the cover with plastic sheeting to prevent dust, moisture-proof.  
4. encased in a special glass case. STAND ON END plate, not flat. Use tape or foam packing material to protect glass mirrors, glass boxes, paintings or the art of dressing up. In the course of transport, moving company likely will not take responsibility for packaging items were lost.  
Special articles packing tips  
Special articles packing tips  
vase or bottle: 
first and then into the box with original box, if loose, please put some of the filler fixed. Even the box in carton, and boxed with other items.  :&Nbsp;
plate/> plate with bubble plates between cloth or folded newspapers. About 2 to 3 as a group and then bound with poly-bags. Note into boxes to place.   /> the chopper made of thick paper sheath, blade wrapped with adhesive. Handle must be revealed, let a person see is chopper, safer.  

other considerations please bring their own valuables, currency, precious metals, securities, gems, stamps, books, do not pack into the box, be sure to bring their own.  
pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, a living animal, please bring your own.  
fresh perishable items, if long time handling should be avoided in case, can control the order size before the move.  
If not boxed articles can contact the professionals of our company, contact the proper way.
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