6th Zoo can't rain on move

Yesterday, the countdown to moving into the 3rd day of the Changsha Zoo, bearing the Changsha decades of memories of the old zoo closed; the other, new Park, "the new tenants" continue to stay, expected can be in place before the national day.
25 Fallow Deer were grazing area for
"over more than 10 Fallow Deer to walk in front, there are over more than 10 Fallow Deer behind, run away as soon as he heard the noise. "This afternoon, the Changsha ecological Zoo eating area, Fallow Deer of the arrival of workers earnt more than more than 20.
"little Fallow Deer hooves are white, and brown hair. "The staff said that there are 25 newly introduced Fallow Deer, yesterday afternoon from Shijiazhuang city coming to the Zoo.
DAMA Artiodactyla, second-class protected animals, social life, sounds good, good run. "The Fallow Deer is timid, it is estimated that it will take some time to adjust to their new home. "The staff member said.
No animals stay Fallow Deer prior to arrival, zebras, giraffes, wild horses and red deer and other animals have been successively grazing area, which, 8 Zebra cub is in mid-July from South Africa introduced; 6 of sub-adult giraffes were imported from Africa in early May from Changchun, Jilin introduced a group of red deer, Takin, blue sheep, and wild horses.
at the same time the introduction of the mengshouqu Leopard, Bengal tiger and Black-backed Jackal. , From South Africa to introduce 10 cheetahs (5 female and 5 male) belongs to the African subspecies is rare; black-backed Jackal is from South Africa, a total of 11, cheetahs were moved away from the old zoo.
at this point, the animals has been in place, the pedestrian zone there are no animal shelters.
as well as a large number of animals arrived long before the national day
staff, in addition to the move from the old zoo animals, contact the Park is now a nationwide animal resources, National Park is expected to be in place.
will has which "new homes guest" does? mengshouqu will from Jinan introduced Bangladesh Tiger; herbivorous district will introduced angle horse, and right angle big antelope, and sword antelope, and elk, and deer, and yak, and camel, and sheep, and ass and big ear sheep,; fierce Monkey Island will introduced black and white warts monkey, section tail Fox Monkey Island will introduced section tail Fox monkey; crocodile Museum will procurement large alligator and Bay crocodile; ostrich Park will procurement ostrich about 20 only; is staying Kangaroo Park of is is big Kangaroo and white kangaroo. Eat Doo

overseas visitors at 8 o'clock in the morning, Typhoon "Lion Rock" will bring torrential rain, Tai Tak Nga road, the old zoo closed, tickets hanging out of the window marked "closed" logo, lost and a few unsuspecting tourists.
days rain will effect animal relocation did? Changsha zoo management section Director Zhang Qiang said, as long as September 6 day down storm, copy!
animal big relocation countdown into 3rd days, no visitors, old Park within of breeder are still will food shipped to cage Qian, "closed Park has, animal of diet also is as original time for, let they eat have full full of, live have comfortably of, they mood only will stable, for had cage training to more smooth. "A breeder says," for animal feed will only carry the day slightly reduced, in order to prevent them from carrying on the toilet.
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