Service project

Residents move

Residents moved, and personal moved, and students moved
timing service small transport, and professional piano handling, and industrial moved factory, and goods transport, and logistics distribution, and business floor, and enterprises
units moved field precision equipment instrument, and server handling
school, and hospital, and plant, and warehouse relocation
lifting lifting:
lifting transport, and lifting handling, and lifting installation, and lifting handling, and lifting lifting
, and moved factory undertake senior building of various equipment lifting, more items lifting installation engineering < BR/> long-term freight contract, and car rental (equipped with driving personnel)
recycling old appliances, and old computer air conditioning, all plant warehouse waste
a, and for residents and units large volume high difficulty moved
II: across provinces long-distance handling
three: goods transport
four: logistics distribution
five: professional handling piano and furniture
six: large items handling
seven: air conditioning appliances, demolition and installation
supporting service:
Disassembly furniture, air conditioning;
professional moved piano;
precious items finishing, package provides turnover box;
rental carton;
various lifting mechanical, equipment rental
do for a professional of moved company, to customer can more relief of moved, please you attention we of operation process, such we can better of for you service!
first step: according to customer needs for site survey
second step: According to survey made handling service project plan and estimate quote
the third step: delivery of packaging materials for the customer
fourth step: packing loading
the fifth step: transport and site restoration
the sixth step: move to clear the area
Service project
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